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Who is PhiAcademy?

Phi Academy is the largest PMU academy in the world.


Why choose a PhiAcademy?

PhiAcademy is recognized as the best academy in the world in Microblading and Micropigmentation. It’s educational system is highlighted worldwide due to the monitoring that is offered through the Craftmaster platform, providing support until achieving full mastery of the technique. This company is characterized by creating and innovating products with a high standard of quality and hygiene.

This academy, is where the most recognized and best-paid artists in the world have been trained.


Do I need to have experience to take a course?

No experience is necessary; our courses will help you develop both personally and professionally.


What is the difference between your Online Training Course and the In-Person Training Course?

Online Trainings: These courses are flexible and self-paced. They can be completed as early as three months. However, The training curriculum is intended to have you graduate roughly within six months, on average and depending on the kit you buy. However, as mentioned earlier it is self-paced and if more time is needed to strengthen your practice, it is perfectly okay. Your training will be taught through the Craftmaster app; an interactive learning platform, where theory is discussed, demonstration videos are provided, and practice exercises are submitted to your Master Instructor. Your course Master will be guiding you step by step and making corrections along the way to ensure sure you learn the proper and perfect technique. At the completion of the online training, one becomes certified by the PhiAcademy for the technique of choice.

In-Person Trainings: These courses are short two-day trainings designed to introduce a technique.


If I am enrolled in the Online Course, can I take the In-Person course as well?

Yes, you can always pay the difference to upgrade to our In- Person Courses.


Can I take the In-Person Course and not the Online Course?

NO, unfortunately not. The In-Person Course is an optional addition to your learning if you are already enrolled online.


Can I enroll without a kit?

Unfortunately, not. The kit is included in the price of the online course or in person training.


What do I receive once I graduate?

Once you complete all the levels in your Craftmaster app, you will receive an official Phi Academy certificate, a personalized logo of the technique, and a placement in PhiMap to be recognized as a Certified Artists.


Is there steps I can take to continue to grow and develop within the PhiAcademy?

Absolutely! The PhiAcademy lays out a 6-tier plan also known as the Hexaplan to help you achieve international success within the beauty industry. For more information visit:


What happens if I don't complete my training within my 6 month training period?

You can always pay for an app extension to submit your work, here are the extension plans we offer:

- 1 Month | $180

- 2 Months | $350

- 3 Months | $500


What is the refund policy?

We do not offer refunds, however for our online trainings, we offer store credit for a training you have not yet commenced or if you have not received your kit yet.

In person training: If you inform us 14 days prior to your trainings, we can give you a store credit.  If you inform us after, your deposit ($500 dlls) will be lost due to training expenses made prior to the date.


When can I begin treating my own clients?

Depending on how much time you invest in everyday practice and how you communicate with your Master, the average time to obtain a technique is 3 months.


Will my kit include all the tools I need to start treating my own clients?

Yes, all the main supplies are included, except for the disposibles like gloves, caps, cotton pads, and because the kit is shipped worldwide the numbing cream will not be included in your kit. Countries have different regulatory restrictions and this is out of our control, however we will provide guidance to purchase everything you need once you are ready to start treating your own clients.


Do I need to own a salon?

Not necessarily. Artists have the freedom to choose whether they want to work with other salons or open their own salon. The recognition of the Phi brand provides them with clients wherever they choose to work. However, in every country there are regulations for opening a salon, and it is necessary to ask about them.


How much can I charge per treatment?

The price of the treatment depends on your geographic location. Find out more about how much Artists can earn in your area and adjust accordingly.


Do you offer private classes?

Yes, feel free to contact us for more information about our VIP Training.




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