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Available in 4 Shades

Find the Ideal Blend for Perfect Symmetry.

Shaping Pencil in Black

Crafted with an innovative flat tip, this pencil ensures unparalleled accuracy in creating fine contours, offering clients a preview of their desired results before pigment application. Whether your goal is subtle enhancement or bold transformation, our pencil excels in effectively mapping out the eyebrow spine.

Shaping Pencil in White

Designed to provide contrast, this pencil is perfect for artists seeking a standout guide. With its flat tip, achieve unparalleled precision to craft and perfect the ideal eyebrow shape prior to pigment application. Whether you're creating delicate lines or bold strokes, this pencil offers versatility and accuracy tailored to each client's distinct features.

Shaping Pencil in Deep Brown

Crafted with a flat tip, this pencil is expertly engineered for drawing intricate, natural-looking brow shapes, perfect for clients with medium to dark brown hair. Its unique design guarantees fine, precise contours, ensuring an accurate portrayal of the desired final look.

Shaping Pencil in Hot Red

Crafted to perfection, this vibrant pencil is tailored for defining striking lip contours before pigment application. Featuring a flat tip design, it's ideal for intricate outlines and filling, providing a sneak peek into the treatment's stunning outcome.

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