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Powder Brows vs Microblading: Which Is A Better Treatment?

Oct, 03 , 22
Achieving a perfect eyebrow is easy if you have found the proper treatment that fits your taste and budget.

Does Microblading Fade Completely and Why Does It Fade?

Sep, 30 , 22
Microblading is a semi-permanent technique for enhancing eyebrows. With this new beauty trend, many people have invested their time and money by just doing it. Men and women do this treatment to achieve fuller but natural eyebrows. And as much as people want to keep their microbladed brows forever, this treatment does not last long.

PhiBrows Shop USA: The Source of High-Quality Microblading Products

Sep, 26 , 22
In today’s time, there are a lot of microblading products in the market. Although most are cheap, some are made from low-quality materials and ingredients that cause several adverse side effects. That is why most customers would opt for premium quality products to help them with the microblading treatment.

Available Microblading Products at our PhiBrows Webshop

Sep, 23 , 22
Microblading treatment requires a lot of products to better treat your skin before, during, and after. These products are specially made to help people achieve and maintain their eyebrows how they like them.

Our List of What Products To Put on After Microblading

Sep, 19 , 22
When you decide to do the microblading treatment, you should know what things you should do after. Like other treatments, microblading should have proper aftercare to keep the appearance of your eyebrows natural and unique.

What To Do After Microblading?

Sep, 12 , 22
In this blog, we will walk you through what to do after microblading. You see, in order for the pigment to adhere, microscopic incisions in the skin are created during the microblading operation to create tiny hair strokes. Knowing this makes it easy to comprehend why aftercare is a crucial step after microblading. To prevent discoloration or swelling, you must ensure that your skin heals properly.

Essential Eyebrow Microblading Products

Sep, 05 , 22

The best way to succeed in microblading business is by following these two simple steps. First, learn to be an expert by continuously practicing. And the second is by getting the best essential eyebrow microblading products.

Collect Your PhiBrows Professional Kit

Aug, 29 , 22
If you recently finished a microblading course and are low on pigments, accessories, tools, or both, collecting the PhiBrows Professional Kit is ideal for you. It is a given that you need the proper tools for a microblading procedure. So, to be fully prepared, you will need blades, pigments, and special tools. 
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