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How to Create a Strong Online Presence for Your Business

May, 08 , 23

Are you professional in the beauty industry looking to increase your online visibility and attract new clients in your city? In today's digital world, having a strong online presence is...

The Best Practices for Mixing Microblading Pigments: Tips from Master Artist

Apr, 25 , 23

Mastering the mixing of microblading pigments, can help you achieve the desired color and create long-lasting, beautiful results for your clients. In this blog post, below we’ve listed some tips...

How to Choose the Correct Microblading Eyebrow Pigment Every Time

Mar, 16 , 23

      As a professional microblading artist, choosing the right eyebrow pigment is crucial to creating the perfect brow for your clients. Although there are many factors to consider...

A Guide to Providing Effective Permanent Makeup Aftercare to Your Clients

Mar, 03 , 23

     As a permanent makeup artist, your responsibility doesn't end after the procedure. Part of providing the ultimate customer experience is providing your clients with proper aftercare instructions to...

Microblading vs Microshading: Which is the Best Option for You?

Feb, 08 , 23

      In a world were technology is constantly evolving, the beauty industry is no different. Today we will take a look at microblading and microshading two techniques that are...

Microblading eyebrows Myths vs. Facts

Jan, 25 , 23

Even though microblading has been on the top of the beauty industry popularity charts for a few years now, there are still a few misconceptions floating around. From claims that...

How to build a strong portfolio & and find job opportunities even if you’re just starting out?

Jan, 17 , 23

You know the circle - when you are just starting, to book new clients you need a portfolio, and you can’t build a portfolio without new clients, right? That’s the...

Powder Brows vs Microblading: Which Is A Better Treatment?

Oct, 03 , 22
Achieving a perfect eyebrow is easy if you have found the proper treatment that fits your taste and budget.
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