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All Microblading Products You'll Need for Microblading

All Microblading Products You'll Need for Microblading

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"What products do I need?" is one of the most often asked questions among newbies to microblading. Delivering safe treatments to clients and launching your permanent cosmetics job depends on the right tools and products.

Therefore, we have listed the essential microblading products. All microblading products are offered at The Beauty Ink Store.

NanoNumb Topical Anaesthetic

Phi NanoNumb cream is a topical anesthetic numbing solution that contains 5% lidocaine and works quickly to relieve discomfort during various cosmetic procedures. Temporary relief from pain and itching brought on by mild burns, minor cuts, minor scrapes, minor burns from the sun, minor bug bites, and minor skin irritations. During the process, Phi NanoNumb gives the skin the most comfort possible while hydrating it and preventing irritations or flaking.

PhiBlade Disposable Tool

A disposable tool for microblading procedures is the PhiBlade Disposable Tool U 18. It has a U-shaped row of tiny, tightly spaced needles that make up the U-18 Blade. Because of its form, it is perfect for sketching fine lines. In addition, it has a lint-free, sterilized micro applicator on the other end that may be used to gently apply the color to the eyebrows without irritating the skin.

Phi Marker Pen White

To mark micro points on the skin before various treatments, use a Phi Marker Pen with incredibly exact tips. You can also use it in PMU to mark areas and increase the accuracy of your work. One advantage of the Phi Marker is that the points you make remain marked even after removing the pigment. This makes it highly helpful for microblading. To remove the marks, you can use PhiWipes to clean them off.

BB Compass

The BB compass is a measuring tool that you can use to draw the shape of the brows. Its sharp tip makes it possible to connect exact markings of the points, which in turn produces the shape. It's helpful in designing eyebrows that are unique to each client and also follow the Golden Ratio (1.618).

PhiEyeglasses Magnifier

The glasses are perfect for microblading procedures, which require high precision. It ensures that you can clearly see even the tiniest details. And thus be able to do your work carefully and produce the best results.


PhiX is a tool that sharpens and flattens the point of your PhiBrows Drawing Pencil. It's much easier to draw the eyebrow shape with a sharpened pencil, after all. That's why it's beneficial to have this tool during your microblading treatments. After use, make sure that you clean it with alcohol. PhiX is a fantastic tool for both pros and beginners or assistance.

Phibrows Stroke Marker

The PhiBrows Stroke Marker is a nano pigment that helps make your hair strokes more visible during microblading. The strokes you make during the first pass may not appear visible. That's because they have not yet been filled with pigment or the color is light. But using the Stroke Marker can help in this case. It's also suitable for all skin types and hair colors.

Find All Microblading Products You Need At The Beauty Ink Store

All Microblading Products - the beauty ink store

At the Beauty Ink Store, you can purchase all microblading products. Explore our extensive selection of microblading supplies and equipment today!
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