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Choosing Your Microblading Products Supplier

Choosing Your Microblading Products Supplier

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  • Mar, 13 , 22

Keen on starting your microblading career? You will need some supplies first before you can begin servicing. Read our guide below to help you choose your microblading products supplier.

Criteria for microblading products supplier

  • Quality supplies
  • For microblading products and accessories, quality should be of utmost importance. If you see a shop online that offers low prices, you got to wonder if it's too good to be true. Being cautious is the key here. 

    Ask yourself if they are sacrificing something if they are willing to sell their microblading products at such a low price. More often than not, these shops are forgoing quality over the price. In the same vein, you should also ask about the materials they are using in their products. Are they using safe and durable materials, or are they skimping out by using poor ones? After all, for quality work, you need quality materials. 

  • Reasonable prices
  • As mentioned earlier, lower prices compared to the average are always going to be sketchy. But, on the other hand, some places may charge higher prices, especially if they are not direct suppliers. That's because they need to make a profit somehow, and they get it from marking up the costs of the microblading products they sell. 

    So before you check out your items, try to compare the prices first. Then, if possible, try to find out as well their suppliers. If they have a store of their own, you get the best prices by buying from the direct suppliers instead. 

  • Reliable customer service
  • It can't be denied that something will go wrong from time to time. For example, if the microblading products you bought were faulty, will the store assist you? Or will they only ignore you because you already paid them? Customer service is always important, especially when the products you buy need some setting up or familiarization. For instance, if you purchased a microblading machine, the store can't expect to know your way around it right away.

    Choosing your microblading supplier

    Check the reviews

    One of the best ways to find out the quality of both the products and the shop's customer service is to check reviews. It's great to hear or read first-hand experiences of customers before you to ensure that the shop is a trustworthy one. It also helps you determine whether the microblading products they sell are of the best quality. Do watch out for other reviews, though. Some of them could be fake ones meant to create a negative impact on the shop. So make sure to read the details of the review. As well the response of the shop, if there is any.

    Check the product descriptions

    Aside from the reviews, take a closer look at the product descriptions. For example, the microblading procedure requires high-quality and safe single-use products. Thus, shops should include this information in the description. In addition, having photos of the products in and out of the packaging is a good sign. Moreover, the materials used must also be in the description. Plus, the quality of the website itself indicates the credibility of the business, so look for good quality images and good spelling or grammar.

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