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A Guide to Providing Effective Permanent Makeup Aftercare to Your Clients

A Guide to Providing Effective Permanent Makeup Aftercare to Your Clients

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  • Mar, 03 , 23

     As a permanent makeup artist, your responsibility doesn't end after the procedure. Part of providing the ultimate customer experience is providing your clients with proper aftercare instructions to ensure optimal healing and long-lasting results. In this quick read, we'll go through some tips and best practices for providing effective permanent makeup aftercare to your clients.


1. Explain the aftercare process:

     During your initial consultation, explain to your client what they can expect during the healing process and the importance of proper aftercare. Make sure your clients understand the aftercare instructions before they leave your studio.

2. Provide written aftercare instructions:

     Provide your clients with written aftercare instructions that they can take home with them. This can include information on how to clean and care for the treated area, what to avoid, and when they can expect the scabs to fall off.

3. Use recommended aftercare products:

   Recommend specific aftercare products that you trust and have used in the past. Make sure to explain how to use these products and when to apply them.

4. Follow-up with your clients: 

   Schedule a follow-up appointment with your clients to check on the healing process and make any necessary touch-ups. During this appointment, you can also answer any questions your client may have and provide additional aftercare instructions if necessary.

5. Educate your clients on the risks of improper aftercare:

   Explain to your clients that improper aftercare can result in infection, scarring, and premature fading of the pigment. Emphasize the importance of following the aftercare instructions to ensure long-lasting results.

     You’ve made it! Always remember providing effective permanent makeup aftercare is crucial to ensure long-lasting results and satisfied clients. By explaining the aftercare process, providing written instructions, using recommended aftercare products, following up with your clients, and educating them on the risks of improper aftercare, you can ensure that your clients get the best possible results.








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