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Microblading Healing Process after Touch Up

Microblading Healing Process after Touch Up

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  • Jun, 12 , 22

Microblading healing and aftercare necessitate a great deal of extra attention and self-discipline. It's similar to the healing process you went through after the first session, but on a smaller scale. Because most touch-ups only involve making minor corrections and not going over the entire brow. Hence, there is less skin breaking. However, there are still incisions that will take time to heal. The cuts will heal at the same rate as the first time, and they will go through all of the stages, but the symptoms will be significantly less severe.

After your first session, your skin will need to settle for a few days. It will not just be your skin, but also the pigmentation on your brows, that will be adapting to the stress and attempt to return to normal. Your brows will eventually change during this time. Take it this way: it's as if the skin and brows are trying to figure out what's happening and are doing their best to adapt to what's just happened. Let's go over the stages of microblading healing after a touch-up.

Days 1 & 2 - Strokes Too Dark

The new strokes and existing ones that have been reworked will appear darker than you prefer. In addition, your brows might appear uneven if only some of the strokes were touched up.

Days 3-5 - Scabbing

Scabs will occur as part of the incisions, but if there are fewer of them, there will be far less scabbing (peeling)  than there was the first time around when the entire surface of the arches was cut. The amount of work done during the touch-up determines the intensity of the scabbing, so you can roughly predict what to expect. You might not even notice the scabs if only specific patches were treated.

Days 5-7 - Flaking

The scabs will begin to flake off as the skin beneath heals. But, again, if there was little work done, you might not even notice the flaking.

Days 7 – 41 - Spots Too Light

The strokes that were coated by scabs will appear too light. The color will darken within weeks, and your brows will be complete.

The microblading healing process after touch-up will be much less painful than the initial healing. There will be less redness, irritation, itching, and drying. That being said, it's all very personal, and you may experience all of these sensations.

To avoid touching your brows, you'll need to be patient and disciplined, but knowing what to expect will help you deal with the minor discomfort. Permanent makeup will likely fade over time. As a result, after your initial microblading session, you will require regular touch-ups. This will keep your brows in shape, color, and definition.

Lastly, touch-ups are generally recommended every 12 to 18 months. The best frequency, however, is determined by your preferred appearance. It also depends on how well your skin retains the pigment. Some people's pigment may fade quickly, requiring more frequent touch-ups. But keep in mind that the microblading healing process after the touch-up phase will be faster, and your skin will react less. For more questions about microblading, drop us a message!   

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