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7 Awesome Microneedling Benefits

7 Awesome Microneedling Benefits

  • The Beauty Ink
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  • Dec, 23 , 21

With the growing popularity of microneedling in the world of beauty, it’s no surprise that many are curious about what it can really do for you. You might even think it’s not worth going through a seemingly painful procedure. But, let us tell you now: it is worth it, and when done right, you won’t even feel a thing! Plus, it’s got lots of benefits. Check out below some of the awesome microneedling benefits.

Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

If you don’t want your age to show on your face, microneedling is a quick treatment for that. The tiny injuries your skin gets boost collagen and elastin production that fights against wrinkles and fine lines from showing up on your face.

Collagen and elastin are the two components that give that youthful look to your skin, so a boosted production will definitely lead to making you younger-looking.

Improves efficacy of skincare products

The tiny pinpricks that your skin gets don’t draw blood, but they create micro-holes on the surface that allow your serums, creams, and gels to be more readily absorbed. As a result, your skincare products can penetrate more deeply onto the skin than when you apply them regularly. And since they can get in deeper, that means they become more effective! So post-microneedling is the perfect time to use your topical treatments.

Heals scars

Collagen doesn’t only help with making you look young; it’s also essential in healing scars and wounds on the skin. This is why microneedling can also help heal scars, even acne ones. However, it can’t treat keloid scars, nor is it good to do the procedure if you have active acne. 

Treats sun damage

Blotchy skin and sunspots are the results of sun damage. Microneedling’s effect of increased collagen and elastin production can help reduce them faster and also help with letting your sunscreen protect you even more effectively.

Shrinks pores

If you’re worried that microneedling might enlarge your pores, let us squash that myth. Microneedling doesn’t make your pores large at all. On the contrary, it helps your pores appear much smaller. It’s one of its amazing microneedling benefits. When the collagen around your pores gets stimulated, the area around it plumps up. Thus, making your pores look smaller.

Reduces stretch marks

Another surprising benefit? Stretch mark reduction. Microneedling works on just about any part of your body. Thus, you can have it done in places where you have stretch marks to reduce their appearance. The collagen helps with skin elasticity, so your skin will return to its firm and stretchy state.

It has fewer side effects than laser or peel

One of the microneedling benefits that we like is that it has fewer side effects when compared to laser and chemical peel treatments. The other two have long downtimes. For example, recovery can take up to 10 days for laser treatments, while a medium or intensive peel will take almost three weeks! Compare that to microneedling, where you can already see the glow after 24-72 hours!

microneedling benefits

Get Microneedling Benefits from The Beauty Ink

Convinced of the excellent microneedling benefits we shared? Then, you can try it out for yourself in the comfort of your own home! At The Beauty Ink, we offer quality microneedling products for both clinic and at-home use. Check them out here.
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