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What Are The Best Microblading Products On The Market?

What Are The Best Microblading Products On The Market?

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  • Jan, 17 , 22

Microblading was and still is quite a trend even now in 2022. For those who don't know, microblading is a procedure that lets you shape your eyebrows in a semi-permanent way. This is done with the help of a special tool containing tiny needles. This tool inserts a pigment into the skin by drawing thin hair-like strokes. And because the strokes are thin enough to resemble your brow hair, the results are well-defined yet natural-looking brows! Many people have hopped on the trend, and, likely, you are too! And if you're wondering what are the best microblading products on the market, nothing beats the PhiBrows brand! Check out below the best microblading products from PhiBrows.

Blades & Holders


For microblading, the needles or the blades are the first tools you will need. PhiBrows has a great selection of blades you can choose from. They also come in many sizes that create different-sized lines or strokes. We recommend using a trusted brand like PhiBrows because of its quality. Using high-quality microblading blades minimizes the risk of errors as well skin irritation. 

Blade in Holder

And, of course, you will need a pen or a holder for the blades. That way, you can make precise strokes with the blades. There’s the Universal Holder that’s suitable for any blade

Numbing cream 

NanoNumb Numbing Cream

Making strokes on the skin with tiny needles will be painful. For that, you will need a numbing cream to avoid unnecessary pain for you or the client. Plus, you can work properly without being distracted. The best one in the market is the NanoNumb Topical Anaesthetic by PhiBrows. It's fast-acting and adds to skin moisture to prevent irritation during the procedure.


microblading pigments

Another must-have item for your microblading set is the pigments. It's a good idea to have different shades of pigments with you. That way, you can mix and match them to get your desired color to match the brows you’re working on. We carry every PhiBrows pigment from light shades ideal for lighter hair to dark browns and blacks and everything in between.

Healing balm

SkinCandy Balm

Aftercare is an essential aspect of the microblading procedure. After the procedure, the skin becomes red and sensitive. Without proper aftercare, the skin could swell up and discoloration can happen. To prevent this, you can use the Skin Candy After Care Balm. It’s made of both synthetic and natural ingredients to accelerate skin recovery and moisturize skin.


pigment holder

Aside from the main tools for microblading, there are also various other tools and accessories to polish your skills or make the procedure easier. For instance, eyebrow stencils help outline the desired shape and allow you to move faster or more evenly. Pigment rings are also helpful as they sit on your finger holding the pigment you are working with. That way, you won't have to reach over whenever you need to refill. And, of course, a measurement tool like PhiBrows' Golden Ratio Divider lets you get precise eyebrow measurement according to the golden number 1.618.

Golden ratio divider


So what are the best microblading products on the market? The right answer is PhiBrows products! This widely-known brand has high-quality microblading tools ideal for both beginners and professionals. And we at The Beauty Ink Store carry the best microblading essentials. Check out our collections here!
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