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PhiAcademy is globally recognized as the premier academy for microblading and micropigmentation. The academy's educational system distinguishes itself by consistently creating and innovating products that adhere to a high standard of quality and hygiene.

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Cinthia Holguin & Andy Chavarria

With over 7 years of success and experience, coupled with extensive training, they come together to share their valuable knowledge with great passion, shaping the new leaders and artists in permanent makeup.

"We are committed to the success of our students. We stand out as the only PhiAcademy Masters globally, providing exclusive supplementary classes in ongoing education. We cover both business and technique, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for our students."

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The Craft Master application allows all students to develop the necessary knowledge to progress in the Academy, as well as learn to communicate with Masters and Artists from around the world.

Our courses include over 20 hours of theoretical content, animations, and treatments within the Craft Master to enrich your learning and professional growth.

Phi Techniques

PhiAcademy is a global leader in Microblading and Micropigmentation, distinguished for its wide variety of internationally recognized techniques.


PhiBrows Latin

The perfect fusion between the makeup effect and the naturalness of microblading.

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PhiBrows Bold

Explore endless variations for a hyper-realistic look, inspired by the natural direction of the eyebrow.

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PhiBrows Powder

The magic of pigment pixels for a lasting makeup effect.

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PhiBrows is a hyper-realistic technique for manually shaping eyebrows using microblading.

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The art of semi-permanent makeup for lips.

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PhiBrows Saikō Perfection

Designed for experienced artists aiming to achieve eyebrows with exceptional volume.

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Discover inspiring success stories and enthusiastic testimonials that highlight the positive transformations experienced by our students through our programs.

Brows Couple is a company specializing in semi-permanent makeup. Cinthia Holguin and Andy Chavarria have been my educators for 3 years and are excellent teachers. I am already on my third course with them and I have successfully graduated. They are dedicated, subject matter experts, and focused on going the extra mile for all their students. I will always be grateful for everything they have helped me and in addition to being my mentors, I already consider them my friends. I 100% recommend Brows Couple's services and bless them from the bottom of my heart for continued success. A hug to both of you from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 I love you💕

Kei Michelle

Services: Eyebrows, Ombre eyebrow styling, Permanent lip makeup, Microshading, Microblading

I took the LatinBrows course with Cinthia, she is an excellent, demanding teacher and thanks to this I was able to learn from scratch how to make an eyebrow design and how to work on skin, since great care must be taken because all skins are different.
Likewise, I had the opportunity to follow the Powder Brows course with Andy, an excellent teacher with a lot of patience and experience, thank you for all the recommendations and keeping an eye on my progress. The two make a perfect team, they have contributed a lot to my knowledge and growth, I am very grateful to them and I wish them the best of success in all their projects.

Maru Cabrera

Services: LatinBrows, PowderBrows

I want to recommend the online classes, I thought that because they were online it would be very complicated, but the truth is everything is in detail and Master Cinthia is always aware of what her students need, I had taken a course 7 years ago and it was 2 intense days but in reality I DIDN'T LEARN almost anything, my “teacher” told me that I could do eyebrows the next day but I didn't feel confident at all, she said “10 sticks standing and then you put them to bed.” The truth is I just wasted my money (which had not been a little). So if you really want to invest in a good education I RECOMMEND Master CINTHIA AND Master ANDY the best Brow Couple!

Alma Barragan

I want to highly recommend Brows couple for any course they offer, you won't regret taking it with either of them! I made the best decision to study my Philips course with Master Andy Chavarria and I was 💯 percent satisfied and grateful. Master Andy is incredible, very professional and kind, he really cares about the results of his students, he is very human and patient, he responds to the CraftMaster application incredibly quickly and always answers your questions with a very good attitude. I couldn't choose the best Master's degree 👏👏👏👏 (Extra bonus)Master Cinthia Holguin was also present on the days of the in-person course, it is as if for the price of a course you have the two best masters. (Incredible)

Sandra McWilliams

Services: PhiLips

Excellent support from my Master CINTHIA HOLGUIN in the LATIN BROWS Course, Patience, Dedication, Clarity in Teaching and Ability to Motivate, Guide all of her Students, also Respect for all of us, in short I would lack words to describe my entire experience In this Course, thanks to her I am the Professional that I am at LATÍN BROWS. I would continue to trust her. 😍💪🙏.

Alba Henriques

Services: LatinBrows

Delighted with my PhiLips Online course and my master's degree Andy. Always attentive and willing to help me with everything!!! Super grateful and proud to have studied this technique with him. Added to this, the purchasing process by the collaborators was always exceptional ✨ SUPER RECOMMENDED.

Stephany Albarran

Services: PhiLips


Hexaplan, or the 6-level plan, is designed to inspire our students and help them turn their goals and objectives in the beauty sector into reality, regardless of their previous experience or age.

Our mission is to guide you to achieve the Craft Master level.


You acquire this title by enrolling in any training offered by Phi Academy.


One of the greatest advantages of having the Artist title is the opportunity to start performing procedures and, consequently, begin to capitalize on the training investment. You receive your certificate directly from Europe, along with your unique identification logo for use in your photos and on the worldwide map of certified artists.

Royal Artist

Royal Artists have the opportunity to charge more for their treatments, as it serves as a differentiator. The academy certifies that your work is superior to others, in other words, impeccable.

Master Associate

This title is achieved by an artist who is refining their skills and undergoing practical training, aspiring to become a Craft Master educator within the academy.

Craft Master

Craft Master es el educador certificado de PhiAcademy donde ya puede representar y certificar en su país en nombre de la academia así como distribuir productos.

Grand Master

The Grand Master title represents the pinnacle of progress within Hexaplan, confirming that you have reached the highest and most valuable position that everyone aspires to achieve. This title is awarded to individuals who have innovated or introduced a new technique to the industry. Cinthia Holguin is the first and only Latina Grand Master in the Americas.

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Starting at $990 USD

  • ✔ Online course through the Craft Master application.
  • ✔ Mentor of choice.
  • ✔ Progress through levels with the application.
  • ✔ Artist title and International Certificate.
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Starting at $2,500 USD

  • ✔ Live training at our headquarters located in San Diego, CA USA.
  • ✔ 2 or 3 days of live training with your chosen mentor.
  • ✔ Real world practice on a live model.
  • ✔ Online course through the Craft Master application.
  • ✔ Progress through levels with the application.
  • ✔ Artist title and International Certificate.
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Starting at $1,599 USD

  • ✔ Live training in your city(International dates vary).
  • ✔ 2 days of live training with your chosen mentor.
  • ✔ Real world practice on a live model.
  • ✔ Online course through the Craft Master application.
  • ✔ Progress through levels with the application.
  • ✔ Artist title and International Certificate.
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Talented Alumni

Explore the impressive creations of our skilled students, each proudly holding the Phi Certification—a testament to their excellence and professionalism as artists.

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