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Microblading Aftercare Ointments

Microblading Aftercare Ointments

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  • May, 08 , 22

A microblading aftercare ointment is essential to accelerate skin recovery after your microblading treatment. It soothes the pain in your skin after the treatment. It also makes the pigment last longer. 

Below are the common and most effective aftercare ointments that moisturize your skin.


There is no doubt that Aquaphor is the most common ointment used to treat dry and itchy skin. Even tattoo artists would agree. As a moisturizer, it heals wounds faster like in the microblading treatment. And since it contains mineral oil and waxes, it can help retain water on your skin. This makes it easier for the healing process.


Bacitracin is an antibiotic medication ointment. It can help with minor skin injuries like burns or cuts. You can apply the cream directly to the infected skin. Do this one to three times a day after the procedure to avoid an infection from developing. But before you use it for your microblading aftercare, make sure to ask or consult your doctor if you are allergic to it.  


Aftercare anti-oxidant like Vaseline is very effective when you feel like your skin is itchy or dry. It can be used as pain relief and is best applied one or two times a day. Like any other ointments, Vaseline prevents the scabs from coming off for the following days. To avoid irritating your skin, gently apply it to your brows. 

Skin Candy

Skin Candy is one of the most popular and purchased microblading aftercare products in The Beauty Ink Store. It has both synthetic and natural components that are perfect for regulating oily skin and fast skin recovery. The good thing about Skin Candy is it does not have an expiration date like the others. It has an unlimited shelter life with the most effective aftercare effect.

Glossier’s Balm Dotcom

A Glossier balm can also be a good ointment for the aftercare procedure. It hydrates the skin with a long-lasting effect. In addition, it repairs and nourishes the microbladed eyebrows without any irritation since it is hypoallergenic and safe. It even comes with nine flavors that you can choose from. To use, apply an ample amount to the skin to be moisturized.

Medicine Mama’s VMagic Cream

This all-natural multi-purpose cream is less conventional than the rest. But it can soothe the pain in your brows. It also works for skin problems like dryness and itching. In addition, it contains beeswax that can protect and nourish the skin from any harm. And since it is also made with propolis and honey, it works as an antibacterial cream for any infection build-up.

microblading aftercare ointment - the beauty ink

Microblading Aftercare Ointment from The Beauty Ink Store

Microblading aftercare ointment is a must for every person who had a microblading procedure. There are plenty of brands available now in the market. But one thing that makes all of them similar is the positive effects it gives you.

But for premium microblading aftercare products, Phi Brows is the trusted brand.  You can purchase their popular Skin Candy ointment here at The Beauty Ink! Check out our bestselling Phi Brows microblading products here.

Want to know more about microblading? Feel free to contact us through or call us at (619) 450-7506.

Skin Candy Monodose Balm
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