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Achieve bushy and fuller brows with the Microblading Eyebrow Pencil

Achieve bushy and fuller brows with the Microblading Eyebrow Pencil

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  • May, 01 , 22

Whether you try to shape and trim your brows yourself or let them grow their full bushy potential, fuller brows are more popular than ever. And one of the most popular beauty treatments that can give you fuller brows is microblading. This trendy and mostly painless treatment gives you long-term and outstanding results. But how does it work? The process involves creating the appearance of hair by applying tiny, semi-permanent tattoos to the brow area. The result is fuller-looking, perfectly shaped brows. And since they are semi-permanent, you don't need to fill your brows daily to get the full-brow look.

However, if you're still on the fence about getting one, don't worry. You can test the waters first by using a microblading eyebrow pencil. Unlike a standard brow pencil, the formula in these products lasts much longer. In addition, the tips of these pens are not like those of standard brow pencils or gels. Instead, the tips have a trident or 4-pronged shape. This unique shape creates an even, spread-out, natural-looking hair.

So if you're looking for good microblading eyebrow pencils to test out, check out some of our recommendations below!

The Beauty Ink Store, Phinesse Brows Pen 

The PhiNesse Brows Pen is an eyebrow pen containing a one-of-a-kind formula. This PhiBrows eyebrow pen is designed for exact eyebrow styling. With an excellent tip that can mimic hairlines, it allows for a detailed application that shapes and defines the brows with pinpoint accuracy. When it comes to shaping the brows, this sharp and precise pencil is a complete tool in one.

Ciaté London, Microblade Brow Pen

The Ciaté London's microblading eyebrow pencil can give you brows that look like you just left the salon. It has a 4-prong tip, inspired by microbladed brows that look effortlessly natural. The unique tip helps make ultra-precise strokes like your natural brow hair. And with a long-lasting formula, you can achieve a flawless finish of microblading. 

L'Oreal Paris, Micro Tattoo 24hr Eyebrow Definer 101 Blonde

The art of microblading inspires the Brow Artist Micro Tattoo Eyebrow Definer. It's specially designed to help you create the most perfect, natural-looking brows. The micro-trident tip imitates microblading for natural, hair-like strokes.

Maybelline New York, Tattoo Brow Ink Pen

This microblading eyebrow pencil creates a tattoo effect via a highly concentrated dye formula that lasts 24 hours. The comb tip makes hair-like strokes that look similar to your natural brow hair. In addition, it is water-resistant, transfer-resistant, smudge-proof, and sweat-proof. 

Lottie London, Arch Rival - Microblade 

Lottie London is also inspired by microblading with their Arch Rival Microblade Effect. This pen has an ultra-fine precision 4-pronged tip that will enable you to create the smallest strokes. This mimics the brow hair for a more natural look. 

Achieve beautiful brows with microblading essentials from The Beauty Ink Store

When it comes to beautiful and full-looking eyebrows, microblading is one of the best solutions. And when we think microblading, PhiBrows is the first thing that comes to mind. So try out our top pick for microblading eyebrow pencils, the Phinesse Brows Pen, and give yourself the trendy brows you want. It’s available here. You can also check out our collection of quality microblading products here.
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