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Different Types of Microblading Blades

Different Types of Microblading Blades

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  • Apr, 24 , 22

Microblading has taken over the beauty industry. Microblading is the solution for people with sparse, pencil-thin, or narrow brows. If you're tired of drawing or filling in your brows every time you go to work or for special occasions, then you will love this beauty treatment. It's the solution for long-lasting, beautiful, natural-looking brows. So what's the secret? It lies in the microblade or microblading blades. This is the tool that microblading artists use to draw each hair stroke meticulously.

And if you want to become a microblading artist, you must be intimately familiar with all of the tools used for the procedure. Understanding the various blade sizes and shapes is critical in creating hair strokes of varying lengths, thicknesses, and curves. Using multiple blade configurations will add dimension to your work, resulting in the most realistic brows possible. We must understand and know our blades if we are to become experts in our field. 

Now, let us get into the types of microblading blades.

The Nano 24U Blade

The even spacing between each pin allows for greater penetration. The Nano blade creates the thinnest strokes you've ever seen by applying minimal pressure to the skin while working. Made from 304 stainless steel, this blade is the first microblading blade that has been polished using laser technology.

The Bold Blade

The bold blade has pointed tips that are ideal for creating micro-precision strokes. Its needles are sharpened to the highest precision and are dual-action. It has two sides, which increases the number of looks you can create. You can use the longer side of the blade for standard strokes. Meanwhile, the shorter side is for concise, connected strokes. You can also switch sides while using the blade to create the desired strokes and combine different effects into one flawless look.

The Hard Blade

The hard blades are highly stable, but they have no give. It's a good blade for regular to thick skin, but it's not for thin or sensitive skin. And unlike standard blades, these microblading blades have a design that makes them extra precise and is best for color retention.

The Flexi Blade

Flexi blades are ideal for high-definition fine hair strokes. This particular type of blade is sterile and extra sharp, specifically designed to prevent skin damage. If you want to achieve perfection, this is the tool to use because it deposits color faster due to its sharpness. For beginners, this is the best blade to use.

The Curved Blade

Curved blades help make curved strokes, but the middle section can cause skin trauma when used by inexperienced artists. That's because all of the needles in this blade never hit the skin simultaneously. You can use the front or middle section when using a curved blade, but not both simultaneously.

Microblading Blades - the beauty ink store

Quality Microblading Blades from The Beauty Ink Store

The most crucial point is to use only sterile, single-use blades and needles. Hygiene is critical so you or your client will not end up with infections and instead have gorgeous eyebrows.

And at The Beauty Ink Store, we offer microblading blades of every possible size and shape. You can be confident that all the products you will purchase are nothing but the best microblading products for you.
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