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Permanent Makeup Cartridges: Proprietary vs. Universal

Permanent Makeup Cartridges: Proprietary vs. Universal

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  • Jan, 23 , 24

In the dynamic world of permanent makeup, the choice of cartridges plays a crucial role in achieving impeccable results. A key decision faced by artists and professionals is whether to opt for proprietary cartridges or the versatility of universal cartridges. Let's delve into the nuances of this choice and explore various points to guide you in making the best decision.


Differences between Proprietary and Universal Cartridges:

The main difference lies in compatibility. Proprietary cartridges are exclusive to a specific brand of machine or dermograph. On the other hand, universal cartridges offer the flexibility to be used in different machines that accept this standardized type.


Proprietary Cartridge
 Universal Cartridge

Considerations for Makeup Artists and Professionals:


As a makeup artist or professional, the decision between the two types of cartridges is not about superiority but about considering various factors. Factors such as ease of obtaining them, local availability, parts options, cost, and quality play a significant role in your decision.


The Beauty Ink Store Offers:

At The Beauty Ink Store, we understand the importance of catering to diverse needs. Our selection includes proprietary cartridges designed for the Simplicity machine, ensuring precision and compatibility. Additionally, we offer universal cartridges compatible with a variety of machines, known for their exceptional quality and careful design.


Additional Biosecurity Tip:

Ensuring the safety and cleanliness of your equipment is paramount. When checking cartridges for membranes, keep in mind that appearances can be deceptive. While a cartridge may appear to have a membrane, a simple yet effective test involves blowing through a new cartridge. I will provide detailed instructions below on how to perform this test. This simple examination adds an extra layer of safety to maintain a contamination-free environment for both your machine and your clients.


Membrane Cartridge Test:

1) Use a new and sterile proprietary cartridge.

2) Blow forcefully through the cartridge.

3) No sound of air leaking through the cartridge should be heard.

4) If there is no membrane, air will leak.

5) Dispose of this proprietary cartridge in your sharps container.

Always use cartridges with membranes to avoid damaging your machine and cross-contamination.


In the world of permanent makeup, the choice between proprietary and universal cartridges is a decision that depends on individual preferences and requirements. Consider factors such as ease of access and the specific needs of your work. At The Beauty Ink Store, we are ready to meet your cartridge needs, offering a balance between quality and convenience. Make an informed decision and let your work shine.

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