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Microblading Tools and Supplies: Top 10 Must Have

Microblading Tools and Supplies: Top 10 Must Have

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  • Aug, 15 , 22

For people new to microblading, the question "What materials do I need?" frequently arises. Establishing your microblading business and offering clients reliable beauty treatments will depend on having the right tools. Additionally, the tools you use can impact the outcome of your microblading. The quality of your instruments determines the quality of your performance. But don't worry! We have provided a list of up to ten microblading tools and supplies you'll absolutely need.

Top 10 Microblading Tools and Supplies to get:


Pigment is one of the most important supplies needed in the microblading procedure. Make sure that you have a selection of skin-tone-appropriate color sets on hand. The pigment used will be determined the final result. So, make sure your selected pigment is the right one. Don't be afraid to spend on premium pigment to have long-lasting microbladed brows.


Without the blades, microblading is impossible. Thus, this is absolutely a piece tool you should buy. Invest in quality blades, for they are your main tool and an extension of your hand.

Universal Holder

The universal holder's primary purpose is to hold the micro blades, and since it can accommodate any blade, as its name suggests, it is a need in your microblading kit. Choose the best one with a long lifespan because it is the primary tool you will use to make tiny cuts on the skin's surface. Consider the material as well. It should be lightweight and sterilizable so you can use it easily.


A compass is an effective tool utilized to measure eyebrows precisely. You can use it to locate the ideal symmetry between the brows and produce a flawless brow shape.

Marking Pencil

Before doing the procedure, the shape of the brows is drawn using a marking pen or pencil. It gives you and your customer an idea of how their future brows will look. Be cautious while picking your pencil; choose one that is exact, durable, and doesn't smear.

Pigment Mixer Machine

Pigment Mixer Machine will make mixing pigments easier. This device is meant to assist you with swift and flawless mixing. Although there are numerous premade colors available, there are many circumstances in which you will need to mix your pigments to get the ideal shade for your clients.

Pigment Ring

Another essential item for your microblading equipment is pigment rings. The mixed pigment will be placed in this plastic ring that you can wear on your finger. Make sure to purchase many of these as it will help you accelerate the procedure. 

Numbing Cream

Using numbing cream throughout the microblading procedure is essential if you want your customer to be at ease. These creams are based on the absolutely safe pharmaceutical lidocaine, which is used to numb the skin in a specific area. The anesthetic will lessen the uncomfortable sensation experienced by your client during the pigment application, leaving them with just a tingling sensation.


Gloves are necessary for this kind of work, just like face masks. To protect both you and your client, you should always wear gloves when using tools that can cause bleeding. Also, choose latex-free ones because you never know if your client has a latex allergy.

Disinfecting Wipes

Disinfecting Wipes, preferably alcohol-free to prevent irritation, can be used on your client's faces to remove their makeup and brow pencils and keep your workplace tidy. You'll need these, so have a ton of them on hand.

You can get all your essential microblading tools and supplies at The Beauty Ink Store and visit our site to place your order today.

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