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PhiBrows Shop USA: The Source of High-Quality Microblading Products

PhiBrows Shop USA: The Source of High-Quality Microblading Products

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In today’s time, there are a lot of microblading products in the market. Although most are cheap, some are made from low-quality materials and ingredients that cause several adverse side effects. That is why most customers would opt for premium quality products to help them with the microblading treatment. And when we say high-quality products, PhiBrows Shop USA is top on the list. They offer a variety of products such as blades, tools, during & aftercare items, cartridges, microblading, and PMU pigments. 

To better know about these products, take a look at these brief descriptions:

Microblading Blades

PhiBrows Shop USA has 21 available PhiBrows Microblading Blades. These blades are made of high-quality stainless steel. They also ensure an easy hand grip with the correct precision and control. In addition, most blades give super realistic, natural, and flawless results, giving a gentle touch to the skin. Each pack of the PhiBrows Microblading Blades contains 50 pieces that are good for several uses. 

Some of the most popular microblades in the shop are:

  • PhiBrows Microblading Blade Disposable Tool 18 U ECC 0.18
  • PhiBrows Microblading Master Blade U304 Stainless Steel
  • PhiBrows Microblading Grand Master Blade U24 Nano

Microblading Tools

When it comes to tools for microblading, PhiBrows Shop USA has a lot to offer. The available microblading tools in the shop are a heat gun, ink cup, disposable hygiene film, dry cotton pads, practice latex prop, dappen dish, measuring tape, marker pen, exfoliator, and many others.

Microblading During & Aftercare products

As a microblading artist, you should know what products to use during and after you’ve done your treatment. This way, you can say that you’ve correctly taken care of the eyebrows and skin. And when it comes to this, PhiBrows Shop USA can give you a lot of choices that you can choose from. 

Here are some of the products:

  • Phi Microblading Aftercare Foam

  • Phi Soothing Gel Skin Calming Natural Formula

  • Phi Cleansing Emulsion for Face & Body

  • Phi Wipes Aftercare Microblading & PMU

  • Skin Candy Monodose Balm Microblading & PMU After Care

  • Phi Wipes Block Tonic

  • PhiNumb NanoNumb Topical Anaesthetic Cream

  • PhiLings Microneedling Ultimate Skin Cocktail

  • PhiAsept Solution Cleanser

  • Phi Microneedling Stretch Marks After Care Cream

  • PhiTopic Cream Intense Hydration Moisturizer

  • Skin Candy Anti Spots Cream

  • Phi Tattoo Sun Protection Cream

  • Phi Wipes Makeup Remover

  • Phi Tattoo Peeling Gel

  • Skin Candy Anti Shock After Care Cream

  • Phi Foam Cleanser Mousse

Microblading Cartridges

Plastic cartridges are used for the application of permanent makeup. And the microblading cartridges you can buy from PhiBrows Shop USA are of high quality based on the structure and build. Most packs of cartridges contain 15 modules and are compatible with the Simplicity machines.

Microblading Pigments

The shop has everything for you if you want the best quality microblading pigments. For instance, available pigment colors are brown, golden brown, black, fox, red, and yellow. And there is no doubt that PhiBrows SUPER is the most stable formula on the market as it gives a long-lasting color, is a completely clean formula, suitable for all skin, and has a shorter healing time. 

PMU Pigments

PMU pigments are used for permanent makeup, microblading and other PMU eyebrow treatments. You can customize the shade you want, as these are multifunctional pigments. It also lasts longer and is compatible with Artist and Master PMU machines. It is very affordable and perfectly fits your budget.

PhiBrows Shop USA - the beauty ink store

Indeed, you can find everything at PhiBrows Shop USA. The shop has all the supplies you need. So if you want a quick and easy shopping experience, you can check out the shop’s website or buy these products at The Beauty Ink Store today!
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