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Available Microblading Products at our PhiBrows Webshop

Available Microblading Products at our PhiBrows Webshop

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Microblading treatment requires a lot of products to better treat your skin before, during, and after. These products are specially made to help people achieve and maintain their eyebrows how they like them. And among the many suppliers of high-quality microblading products, PhiBrows webshop is also famous among customers and beauty estheticians. 

We have listed the PhiBrows products so you can have a quick glimpse of what they have on their webshop:

PhiBrows Blade

Various kinds of PhiBrows Blades are offered in the PhiBrows webshop. These blades draw fine, single thin lines that are very gentle on the skin. This product also comes with a sterile self-adhesive, sterilized pad to clean the edge from time to time. A box contains 50 pieces of PhiBrows Blade.

PhiBrows Pigment

When it comes to microblading pigments, PhiBrows never disappoints. All dyes are hypoallergenic, vegan, and not tested on animals. In this regard, it is safe to assume these are safe and cruelty-free beauty products. The available pigment colors are Brown, Golden Brown, Black, Yellow, Red, and Fox. 


PhiWipes, as aftercare wipes, are used for skin cleansing. These wipes will help the skin free from any impurities after the treatment. In addition, the wipes consist of witch hazel with anti-inflammatory properties and castor oil. And so, it reduces the swelling and is ideal for skin soothing and preparation.

PhiBrows Balm and Cream

For skin protection, PhiBrows have several creams and balms pre and post-treatment. These products keep the skin moisturized and soft. Also, balms and creams are formulated to keep every brow's color quality and intensity in good shape. Some popular PhiBrows creams are Skin Candy Scar Coverage Cream, Skin Candy Sun & Sweat Protection After Care Cream, and Skin Candy Monodose Balm.

PhiBrows Stroke Marker

Aside from pigments, the PhiBrows Stroke Marker also supports the visibility of the created hairs during the treatment. The good thing is that it is suitable for all skin types and colors; one pack contains 10ml. So if you are looking for a product to help you fill your eyebrows, PhiBrows Stroke Marker will give you visible results.

PhiBrows Universal Holder

If you want to replace the holder you have now, the PhiBrows Universal Holder is your best choice. You can buy PhiBrows Universal Holders at the PhiBrows webshop. It is suitable for microblading blades such as PhiBrows Double Flat Blade, PhiBrows Artist Blades, PhiBrows GrandMaster Blade, and many others. And for safe use, you need to sterilize the holder after every usage adequately. 

PhiBrows Microblading Tools

Aside from the products mentioned above, there are a lot of tools that are available on the PhiBrows webshop. These tools are beneficial to every microblading customer and expert. Some are ink cups, holders, disposable tools, self-adhesive containers, headbands, towels, pencils, and simplicity machines.

phibrows webshop - the beauty ink store

Check out our microblading products here!

If you are looking for the best and high-quality microblading products, feel free to visit PhiBrows webshop, or you can check out our collection of PhiBrows products today!
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