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Achieving Precision in Microblading: Tips for Perfect Strokes

Dec, 15 , 23
In this exclusive guide, we bring you invaluable tips directly from PhiAcademy Grand Master Cinthia Holguin, a luminary in the world of permanent makeup and microblading. For artists seeking to enhance their craft, these insights are your pathway to creating strokes that are not just accurate but also visually stunning.

Understanding the Difference Between Microblading and PowderBrows Pigments

Nov, 28 , 23
Join me in decoding the art of Microblading and PowderBrows pigments—the strokes that define perfection. Discover the precision of Microblading with its emphasis on thicker pigments and the soft, powdered allure of PowderBrows with a touch of liquid magic.

4 Tips to Keep Clients Coming Back and Creating a Loyal Customer Base

Jul, 19 , 23

As a beauty professional, your clients are the lifeblood of your business. While attracting new clients is important, it's equally important to focus on keeping your existing clients happy and...

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