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Understanding the Difference Between Microblading and PowderBrows Pigments

Understanding the Difference Between Microblading and PowderBrows Pigments

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As pros in the precision game, you know that pigment selection is key. Today, we're unraveling the secrets behind viscosity and pigment thickness because, let's be honest, that's where the real magic happens. Join me in this exploration; together, we'll refine our craft and make each stroke count. Your commitment to perfection is what sets you apart, and I'm here to help you take it to the next level. Let's get started.



Women with microblading procedure.


Women with PMU procedure on eyebrows

Microblading aims to create the illusion of individual eyebrow hairs for a clean, defined look. In this technique, a thicker pigment is preferred to prevent color migration. The emphasis is on achieving clean and precise strokes that mimic natural eyebrow hair. On the other hand, PowderBrows involves a digital makeup effect, requiring a slightly more liquid pigment. This consistency allows the cartridge to absorb and expel the color, ensuring proper implantation into the skin. The goal is to achieve a soft, powdered finish rather than individual hair strokes.


PhiBrows SUPER Pigments

PhiBrows SUPER Pigments Collection - Microblading pigments

PhiBrows SUPER Pigments are recommended for professionals practicing PMU. These pigments are versatile, suitable for both microblading and PowderBrows techniques. The key is to use PhiContour Thinner, a viscosity-reducing agent, to adjust the thickness of the pigment according to the chosen technique.

PhiContour Thinner: Achieving the Right Consistency

PhiContour Thinner Diluting Liquid - Microblading/PMU Product

To transform a microblading pigment into one suitable for PowderBrows, mix one part PhiContour Thinner with three parts pigment. This creates the desired liquidity for the PowderBrows technique. However, artists should consider variations based on factors such as cartridge respirator size and neck thickness. Adjustments may be needed to ensure smooth pigment flow and proper implantation.


Additional Considerations: Perfecting the PMU/Tattoo Machine Dynamics

PMU Professional Working on Client


Machine Stroke and Pigment Consistency

The stroke or movement of your PMU/Tattoo machine isn't just a dance—it's a crucial element in determining your ideal pigment consistency. Every stroke influences how thick or thin your pigment should be for optimal results. Understanding this dynamic interplay is key to achieving the precision your clients expect.

PMU Infographic - Stroke +Pigment Consistency = Optimal results


Cartridge Components: Respirator Size and Neck Thickness

In the intricate world of Permanent Makeup, the components of your cartridge matter. The respirator size and neck thickness act as silent conductors, shaping the tone of your pigment flow. Consider these factors carefully; they hold the secret to the liquidity or thickness your pigment needs for seamless implantation.

Picture of PMU Cartridge with arrows pointing at respirator and neck.


Ready to Elevate Your PMU Game? Explore the World of PhiBrows SUPER Pigments!

You've delved into the artistry of microblading, PowderBrows, and the intricate world of pigments. Now, take the next step in refining your craft with PhiBrows SUPER Pigments—the epitome of versatility for PMU professionals.

PhiContour Super Pigments - Microblading/PMU Pigments


Unlock a spectrum of possibilities and enhance your precision with pigments designed for both microblading and PowderBrows techniques. Our PhiContour Thinner, the secret ingredient to adjusting pigment thickness, awaits your experimentation.

PhiContour Thinner SUPER diluting liquid


Ready to make every stroke count? Dive into the PhiBrows SUPER Pigment line and elevate your PMU procedures to new heights. Explore the full range of possibilities, and let your artistry shine!

Explore PhiBrows SUPER Pigments Now and bring your Permanent Makeup game to the next level.

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