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What To Do After Microblading?

What To Do After Microblading?

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  • Sep, 12 , 22

In this blog, we will walk you through what to do after microblading. You see, in order for the pigment to adhere, microscopic incisions in the skin are created during the microblading operation to create tiny hair strokes. Knowing this makes it easy to comprehend why aftercare is a crucial step after microblading. To prevent discoloration or swelling, you must ensure that your skin heals properly. 

As they heal, your eyebrows will go through different phases. After the procedure, your brows will immediately appear to be very thick. Once the healing process has started, the skin will start to scab. It may mimic dandruff or flaky skin flakes. But don't freak out! And most importantly, don't scratch off the flakes. In this way, the body simply gets rid of the dry skin on your eyebrows. Therefore, we must now understand what to do following the microblading treatment to ensure a thorough recovery and prevent any infections.

What To Do After Microblading?

  1. Keep the treated area out of the bath, the pool, and the hot tub. Swim in chlorinated or saltwater until you are fully recovered (30 days). No hot yoga or saunas for 30 day
  2. Wear a sweatband while working out to keep sweat off your face; refrain from exercise for 7–10 days.
  3. Keep the area that has been treated out of the sun. Wear sunscreen to prevent sun fading 30 days after healing. If exposed to sunshine, the color pigment may fade more quickly.
  4. Within the first week following your microblading treatement, itching and flaking are common. Keep your brows unfurrowed. If you try to force the flakes off, you are at risk of scarring and losing the pigment.
  5. Sleeping on your back and touching your brows should be avoided until your eyebrows have healed.
  6. Direct application of makeup to the brows should be avoided while they are healing.
  7. During the healing process, if your brows become wet, pat them dry with a towel rather than rubbing them.
  8. If you are thinking of getting a chemical peel or any other medical procedure, please let your artist know. After your eyebrows have completely healed, you can then have your desired procedure.

Other Microblading Aftercare To Keep In mind:

Wash Eyebrows

Following your microblading procedure, gently wash your brows each morning and evening with water and an neautral soap like Cetaphil Cleanser (patting motion only; do not rub). To delicately wipe the brows, use your fingertips. Wash the area steadily for about 10 seconds, then thoroughly rinse with water to get rid of all the soap. With a fresh tissue, gently pat the area to dry.

Never use exfoliants or acids (glycolic, lactic, or AHA) when you wash your eyebrows. If you don't gently wash your brows twice a day, you should let them become damp.

Moisturize Microbladed Area

With a cotton swab,  apply an aftercare ointment all around the treated area. Just know when you use this balm, that your skin will be suffocated with excessive usage, and the healing process will be slowed. You can also read another blog here for more information on what balm you can use for your eyebrows.

The cream should hardly be noticeable on the skin. Don't use it when your brows are damp. Don't forget to use the healing balm as instructed. Those with oily skin are not recommended to use healing balms. However, you can apply balm up to 2-3 times daily if you have dry skin.

You can stop using the aftercare ointment eight days following your microblading procedure, but you should continue gently washing the microbladed area every morning and night.

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