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Essential Eyebrow Microblading Products

Essential Eyebrow Microblading Products

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The best way to succeed in microblading business is by following these two simple steps. First, learn to be an expert by continuously practicing. And the second is by getting the best essential eyebrow microblading products.

In addition to your skill, the quality of your creation is greatly influenced by your microblading tools. So, you must invest in the essential tools before you start blowing money on accessories. These products will establish your career as a reliable microblading cosmetics expert.

With so many eyebrow microblading tools available on the market, it's hard for a new artist to determine the absolute necessities. So, to help you complete your kit, here is a list of the essential microblading tools and products you need to start a microblading business.

Microblading Tools

This tedious and attention-to-detail process will require a holder, a compass, and a pencil. These microblading tools will become the extension of your hands. It will also be your standard gear in every appointment you have with your clients.


The microblading universal holder is responsible for holding micro-blades. By selecting the right length and width that will fit your hands, you can swiftly create the finest hair-like strokes on the skin.

Golden Ration Compass 

A golden ratio compass is used for precise eyebrow measurement according to the golden number 1.618. Each of your clients will have a unique measure to get the perfect eyebrow shape in their faces. With the help of this tool, indeed, your clients can confidently raise their eyebrows. The eyebrow shapes fit their face and enhance their facial feature more.


Pencils mark the spot to apply the pigment to your client's eyebrow. So, using an eyebrow pencil in different colors for different markings is best.

Microblading Pigment

Microblading pigment is one of the essential products that you should always have. A ready supply of quality microblading pigment is vital to your business.

The key pigments you must-have among all available ones are Red, Yellow, Black, and Brown 2. The first three pigments serve as the core of the microblading color theory, with Brown 2 serving as its center. Almost any eyebrow can be defined with it, regardless of the client's hair color. Brown 2 is also the most popular microblading pigment. One bottle of pigment can provide care for up to 50 people, depending on how thick the mixture is.

Microblading Blades

Without a microblade, microblading is impossible. Without it, artists wouldn't even be able to start the procedure because it is what gives the method its name.

In addition to making tiny incisions in the skin's surface layer, microblading blades also insert pigment into the skin. Each blade has a specific number of needle points that define the width of the hair-like stroke and the depth of the cut.

Invest in Eyebrow Microblading Products to Succeed

The time and money you invest in getting the finest microblading supplies will guarantee the success of your business. Quality is a better investment. And you should continually monitor your supplies and restock as needed.

You can always purchase eyebrow microblading products online quickly. This way, you ensure the quality of service provided to clients. As a result, the number of appointments will continue to grow and drive your business forward.

You no longer have to look further for an honest, trustworthy beauty supplier. At The Beauty Ink Store, you will have all the essential tools in Eyebrow Microblading for starters and experts!

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