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Collect Your PhiBrows Professional Kit

Collect Your PhiBrows Professional Kit

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If you recently finished a microblading course and are low on pigments, accessories, tools, or both, collecting the PhiBrows Professional Kit is ideal for you. It is a given that you need the proper tools for a microblading procedure. So, to be fully prepared, you will need blades, pigments, and special tools. 

Quality is always the essential thing in microblading kits. A PhiBrows Professional Kit guarantees excellent results by using only the finest materials.

What is Phibrows?

Phibrows is a manual, semi-permanent technique for drawing incredibly natural eyebrows. With Phibrows, the shape of the eyebrows is meticulously contoured according to the facial shape and golden ratio of each client's face.

It is also a Microblading technique that can be considered a semi-permanent tattoo treatment. For Phibrows, you will need a tiny blade. When the blade gets dipped in pigment, it draws realistic hair strokes into the brow.

Moreover, the training process for Phibrows is 100 times more enlightening, thorough, and precise. That is one edge it has over the typical Microblading training process.

How to Collect Your PhiBrow Professional Kit 

Want to get the correct and precise products for PhiBrow Microblading? We listed the best products you can include in your PhiBrows Professional Kit!


Pigments come in different colors. And PhiBrow made sure you no longer have to mix to get the right shade to complement your client's eyebrows. PhiBrow has these pigments readily available. And these are:

Microblading Aftercare Cream

Protective cream is used after the microblading procedure. It contains vitamins and minerals that help the skin regenerate. Therefore, it is an essential element of follow-up care.

Mineral Pencils

Before microblading, the eyebrow's shape is marked with a pencil. It's a standard tool used by experienced experts and artists. You can also easily sharpen it.

Golden Ratio Divider

The Golden Ratio Divider is a trademark PhiBrows original tool. Its main function is to measure the brow and determine the shape with respect to other facial features. Using it, you can achieve complete symmetry regardless of the client's face type.


A classic holder is a universal tool that holds any blade. It's available in three colors. Plus, you can use it for more than 1,000 treatment

Microblading Tool

The Microblading Tool is your main tool. It's a must for any Phibrows Professional Kit. What's great about it is that it can hold a single blade at various angles. Because of this, it's ideal for beginners who have not yet honed their skills.

Scissors & Tweezers

When getting ready for the microblading procedure, make sure you have this set. You will need it to clean off the eyebrows after microblading.

Microblading Blades

Without microblading blades, there can be no microblading. Blades come in different sizes and Nano specifications. It is best to get all the sizes to achieve more hair-like strokes in your client's eyebrow.

Are you planning to put together your own Phibrows Professional Kit? Then get your items from The Beauty Ink Store. You no longer have to find individuals from different shops for all the essential tools to create the PhiBrows Professional tools for your clients.

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