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How Long Does Microblading Take?

How Long Does Microblading Take?

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  • Jul, 11 , 22

Microblading is one of the most popular beauty trends in the world. Men and women go to the nearest microblading shops to get their brows done in no time. With the desire to achieve fuller and natural-looking brows, no one complains about how much time the process could take. But how long does microblading take? And within that time, what does the beauty esthetician do?

How long does microblading take?

The microblading procedure is a quick and efficient process. But there are instances when it could take longer than expected. But in most cases, every session takes an hour and a half. So it doesn't take that long, but you need to attend two separate sessions to achieve the best results.  

What are the steps for the microblading process?

Just like any other beauty treatment, microblading follows specific steps so that the procedure will be a success. Although other brow artist have different ways, the most common process is this one:

Step 1: Clean the area.

Before the procedure starts, the artist cleans your brows to avoid complications. Then, they will use a particular cleaning product or liquid to clean the brows properly.

Step 2: Measure the position of the new brows.

Using rulers and compass, the artist will have some measurements to achieve even brows. You should also note that you should tell the artist of the style and shape you want your brows to look like and your desired finish. The profesional  can help you with what brow suits you best if you are unsure.

Step 3: Draw on the eyebrows.

After measuring the new position of your brows, the artist will begin to draw on your brows once everything is settled and agreed upon. Take note that this is not the final look, as it will only be a 'draft' or an idea of what your brows look like. 

Step 4: Mix the colors.

In this step, your skin tone and chosen brow color matter. So the brow artist will mix colors to achieve natural-looking eyebrows. Based on the Fitzpatrick Scale, there are six types of stains. The first brow color is light, pale white, and the last one is black, which is very dark brown to black. 

Step 5: Numb the area with cream.

After the measuring, drawing, and mixing steps, it is time to numb the area where the microblading will take place. Numbing cream like the NanoNumb Topical Anesthetic is essential to help you be comfortable and prepared during the procedure. Its primary purpose is to block the pain you will feel when the esthetician starts to scratch the surface of your skin.

Step 6: Start the microblading process.

With all the preparations, it is time for the microblading treatment. First, the artist will start to scratch the area. Then, they will use a sterile microblading tool to emulate tiny hair-like strokes. The procedure is done in many layers so that the pigment will hold on to the skin. After everything, it is natural that your eyebrows will turn red. The artist will then advise you on what you will do to make it heal faster.

Microblading Supplies from Beauty Ink Store

To answer the question "how long does microblading take?" the process can take quite some time. But to achieve the brows that you desire, a few hours of work can make it worthwhile. You can visit our website if you want to know about microblading and microblading products.
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