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Is Microblading Painful?

Is Microblading Painful?

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If you have thin or sparse eyebrows, microblading is the perfect solution to get the bold and full eyebrows trending these days. But, if you still don't know what microblading is, let us tell you. Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing technique where the microblading technician uses a specialized tool that holds tiny needles. These needles make little hairlike strokes on the skin to insert the pigment underneath. 

It takes a while to heal, but the result is a natural-looking feathered brow once it does. Microblading can last for up to 3 years. But during this period, there will be touch-ups that you need to do. This is to maintain its appearance. 

But upon learning how a technician does the microblading procedure, many clients will ask: is microblading painful? Because it involves making shallow cuts into the skin, many would think that. However, it may come as a surprise that it's not a painful procedure at all. Instead, it might be a little uncomfortable but bearable. What helps with that is that many technicians use numbing agents to counter the pain you might feel. These numbing agents usually come in creams. Technicians usually apply the cream 20-30 minutes before the actual procedure. This is called pre-numbing.

What are numbing creams made of?

Numbing creams are topical anesthetics that many microblading technicians use to make the procedure as painless as possible for the client. These anesthetics are usually made of lidocaine. It's the most common ingredient used in many numbing creams. Other active ingredients can include benzocaine, pramoxine, dibucaine, and tetracaine. Numbing creams can also contain non-active ingredients, which can vary.

For your safety, you should consult with your technician first about the ingredients of the creams that they use. In case they contain something that you might be allergic to.

During the procedure

Once the technician pre-numbs your eyebrow area, the actual procedure won't hurt as much compared to not having a numbing cream put on. Instead, you might feel a scratching sensation. So if you hear loud scratching or crunching noises but don't feel any pain, that would mean that the numbing cream works. 

Some clients, though, have a pretty low pain tolerance. If you're someone like that, you can also let your technician know. Some of them can apply more numbing cream to ensure that the client is comfortable during the procedure.

While the numbing cream can lessen some discomfort you will feel, you can also reduce the swelling and irritation by doing the following tips

  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol on the day of the procedure
  • Avoid sunbathing or tanning a few days before getting the microblading
  • Do not pluck or wax your eyebrows
  • Refrain from chemical peels, laser, and other facial treatments for a few weeks prior
  • Stop using vitamin a or retinol for a month beforehand

Is Microblading Painful?

Not With Quality Microblading Products

is microblading painful

For many, the initial reaction to microblading might be fear because it's painful. However, a good technician knows how to ensure that their client is comfortable during the procedure. They also know that using quality microblading materials and accessories from Phibrows guarantees a safe and painless experience. Looking for the best microblading products out there? Check out our collection of Phibrows microblading products here.

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