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Microblading Aftercare And Safety Tips

Microblading Aftercare And Safety Tips

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  • Feb, 27 , 22

Microblading aftercare is an essential step to achieving your eyebrows' best results. Thus, take note of these aftercare and safety tips for your microbladed brows.

What To Be Aware Of

Because microblading involves making minor cuts or strokes into your skin, the technician or aesthetician must prioritize hygiene and the safety of the client.

For instance, the microblading tool used for the procedure should always be a one-time, disposable instrument. The technician should be opening a new one for every microblading treatment they do. If you don't see your technician doing that for your appointment, make sure to ask for a new one. 

Additionally, both the technician and the client must be aware of how each skin type reacts to microblading. The effects can differ for those with oily skin or sensitive skin compared to those with a normal skin type. The time it takes to heal and the aftercare needed can also differ amongst skin types. You can do prior research on microblading for your skin type or ask your technician before your appointment.

Knowing your technician is also crucial in preparing for a microblading procedure. For example, are they licensed or not? And while not every state requires a license for technicians, you can also ask to see their occupational license or certification from the health department to ensure that they're a legitimate provider.

And if you do choose to microblade your eyebrows, you might want to stop using these in your skincare routine:

  • Retinol 
  • Acids
  • Mechanical exfoliation
  • Fragrances
  • Chemical peels
  • Microdermabrasion

Microblading Aftercare

The skincare you need to do after the microblading procedure is pretty similar to tattoo care, only more intensive. 

The microblading pigment will appear dark immediately after the procedure, and your skin will appear red. This is a typical reaction after needles cut into your skin, of course. After about 2 hours, you dip a cotton swab in sterilized water and run it over your eyebrows to get rid of any excess pigment. And it will also keep your brows sterile.

Here are other microblading aftercare steps to follow to get the best possible results. 

  • Don't get the area  over wet for at least 7 days
  • Avoid wearing makeup for at least a week to let the pigments settle into your skin
  • Don't pick at the scabs or itch your brows
  • Keep hair away from your brow line
  • Apply any cream or healing balm the technician provides you


Microblading is a generally safe and sanitary procedure. However, some complications may happen. For instance, an allergic reaction to the pigment can occur if you're allergic to any of its ingredients. While it's common to have pain or discomfort during the procedure, it's uncommon to feel pain after or when you leave the technician's office. So pay close attention to the area and see if there's excessive redness or any discharge as this could be a sign that it's infected. In that case, see a doctor immediately.

You should also avoid microblading if you are pregnant, prone to keloids, or have had an organ transplant.

Microblading Aftercare from The Beauty Ink

To get the best results after microblading, the proper microblading aftercare should be followed. Aside from keeping the area sterile and dry, healing balms such as Phibrows Skin Candy are also an important microblading aftercare product. You can get yours from The Beauty Ink! Check out our microblading collection here.

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