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Must-Have Items In A Microblading Kit

Must-Have Items In A Microblading Kit

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  • Feb, 20 , 22

By now, you already know the essential tools for microblading: the blades, the pigments, the holder, etc. But your microblading kit is not complete without these other items. So check out below the other must-haves you will need for your microblading kit.  

Numbing cream

This item should never go missing from your microblading kit. You need a quality numbing cream if you want to make your client comfortable during the treatment. These creams are lidocaine-based, and they numb the skin in a specific area, so it is safe. This anesthetic will reduce the pain sensation during the procedure. 

Measuring caliper or compass

This tool is the star of your microblading kit. A measuring caliper is a helpful tool for precise eyebrow measurement. And you will need it to find the perfect symmetry between eyebrows and create the ideal brow shape. 

Pigment mixer

To make your work easier, a pigment mixer is a must for your microblading kit. While there are many pigments available you can choose from, there will be times when they're not quite the right color. So you will need to mix some pigments to get that perfect matching shade. And this tool is what you need to mix your pigments quickly and perfectly. 

Marking pen

The marker pen or pencil is an absolute must for your microblading kit. You will be using it to draw the desired shape of your client's brows. It can also serve as your guide when doing the microblading procedure. When choosing your pen, make sure to get one that's precise, long-lasting, and does not smudge.

Pigment ring

To make microblading easier for you, include a pigment ring in your microblading kit. These are usually made of plastic and have a little container at the top to hold the pigment. You wear it on your finger, so the pigment is in close reach when microblading.

Face mask

Face masks are an absolute staple for your microblading kit. When microblading, you will be working so close to another person. A face mask will keep you from breathing on them and reduce any potential infection.


Like face masks, gloves are also a requirement. You are working with tools that cause bleeding, albeit light, so wearing gloves during the procedure is a must to avoid infecting the client's brows. Also, note that some people might be allergic to latex, so get latex-free gloves for your microblading kit.

Disinfecting wipes

These are very useful for cleaning the brows before doing the procedure. You will also be using this to wipe the brow pencil off your client or their makeup. Additionally, it helps keep your workstation clean. Ensure that you have plenty in stock as you will be using a lot.

Scissors and tweezers

Having these tiny tools is a must because you're working with brows. They come in useful when preparing the brows before the treatment. It's also useful after the procedure if you need to groom or clean off the eyebrows for the best results.

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