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Microblading Aftercare You Must Follow

Microblading Aftercare You Must Follow

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  • Jun, 27 , 22

Microblading your brows is a process that claims to improve your brows look. It's also known as "feather touch" or "micro-stroking." Microblading aftercare is critical to the appearance and endurance of your new brows. Therefore, it is vital to follow the microblading aftercare directions. With that, here are microblading aftercare methods that you must follow after microblading treatment.

Absorb Excess Fluid

Blot the treated region gently with clean tissue during the first few hours following your microblading treatment to absorb excess lymph fluid. Repeat until the oozing stops. Removing this fluid reduces accumulation and scabbing.

Wash Eyebrows

Wash your brows gently (patting motion, not rubbing) each morning and night for around 2 to 10 days after your microblading treatment using water and an antibacterial soap such as Dial or a Cetaphil Cleanser. Use your fingertips to cleanse the brows lightly. Steadily wash the region for about 10 seconds, then rinse with water to remove all soap. Pat dry gently with a clean tissue.

Use no washing products that contain acids (glycolic, lactic, or AHA) or exfoliants. Allow your brows to become wet unless you gently cleanse them twice a day.

Cleansing Tips

  • Remember that cleansing should not be a thorough scrub-down but rather a delicate, smooth rubbing of the microbladed area.
  • Wash well to remove all traces of soap from the microbladed region.
  • Blot the entire brow region dry with a clean tissue.

Moisturize Microbladed Area

Apply an ample aftercare ointment around the treated area with a cotton swab. The excessive application will smother your skin and slow the healing process. On the skin, the cream should be hardly visible. Never apply it if your brows are wet. Also, make sure to apply the healing balm as directed by your brow artist. People with oily skin may not need to use a healing balm. If you have dry skin, you can use it up to 2-3 times per day.

When your microblading procedure is eight days old, you can stop using the aftercare ointment, but you should still gently wash the microbladed region every morning and night.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Avoid soaking the treated region in a bath, pool, or hot tub. Swim in saline water or a chlorinated pool until completely recovered (30 days). For 30 days, no saunas or hot yoga.
  • Wear a sweatband when exercising to keep sweat off your brow—no physical activity for 7 to 10 days.
  • Dodge the treated area away from direct sunlight. To avoid the sun fading after 30 days after healing, wear sunscreen. The color pigment may fade faster if exposed to sunlight.
  • Itching and flaking are possible during the first seven days after your microblading procedure. Do not furrow your brows. If you force the flakes off, you risk removing the color and possibly scarring.
  • Avoid touching your brows and sleeping on your back until they have healed.
  • No makeup should be placed directly on the brows during the healing phase.
  • If your brows get moist throughout the healing process, pat them dry with a towel rather than rubbing them.
  • Please notify your therapist if you consider a chemical peel or any other medical procedure. You should only get the operation after your eyebrows have entirely healed.

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