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Microblading Tools on The Beauty Ink Store

Microblading Tools on The Beauty Ink Store

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  • Jun, 20 , 22

When it comes to the quality of your microblading, much of it depends on your technique and the microblading tools you use. But before you break the bank and buy the most expensive accessories you find, you must know which ones you need first.

Today, many microblading brands flood the market with a dizzying array of microblading tools. And it can be difficult for beginner artists to know which ones they should buy. So, to help you out, we have a list of the essential microblading tools you will need. And they are all available here at The Beauty Ink Store.

PhiBlade Disposable Tool 18 U

First, you will need the primary microblading tool. For beginners, The PhiBlade Disposable Tool U 18 is a good start. It's a single-use tool comprised of thin, tightly-arranged needles in a U-shaped row. This shape makes it excellent for drawing thin lines. Meanwhile, the other end of the instrument is a lint-free, sterile micro applicator. You can use this to apply the pigment to the brows gently.

NanoNumb Topical Anaesthetic

The Phi NanoNumb cream is a must. It's a topical numbing cream with 5% Lidocaine that acts as a quick and easy numbing agent during cosmetic treatments. In addition, it gives your client maximum skin comfort before microblading. It also helps with moisturizing the skin to prevent flaking or irritations.

Phi Marker Pen White

The Phi Marker Pen has ultra-precise tips that can help you mark micro points on the skin before the actual procedure. It's especially helpful because the points you make remain marked even after wiping the pigment. But don't worry because you can easily remove the marker points after the procedure with PhiWipes.

Disposable Tool with U24 Nano Blade

This tool's U24 blade has 24 tiny, closely-spaced needles also arranged in a U-shape. Each one measures 0.15 mm in diameter. The needles' uniform spacing guarantees excellent penetration. Because of its form, it is ideal for drawing curved lines. In addition, the blade is exceptionally sharp, allowing you to make exceedingly tiny strokes.


The BB Compass was created to create brows that are unique to each client following the Golden Ratio (1.618), with the result being optimally matched to the shape of the face. In addition, the compass has pointed tips, allowing you to easily connect the markings you make with the pen and see the desired result's shape.

PhiGlow Holder

This holder is made with high-quality stainless steel, and unlike the universal holder, you can use it for different types and sizes of blades. It's also resistant to water, water vapor, and organic and inorganic acids

Phipen Blister

PhiPen Blisters are Phi-Ion electrodes used in PhiLings treatments. The electrodes in the Plasma Pen can treat spots, moles, warts, sagging eyelids, and dark circles. The fine needles give pain relief while avoiding skin damage during treatment.

The products mentioned above are not the only ones available at The Beauty Ink Store. Browse other microblading tools and accessories. Visit us now!
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